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Benefits of and place implant in one very clear teeth in Vietnam

Benefits of and place implant in one very clear teeth in Vietnam,  solution available today to regenerate naturally-occurring, almost healthy teeth, gaining up to 90% of the chewing function and possibly restoring the teeth as desired. Tooth decay or dental implant dental implants? In today’s dental prosthetics, there are three widely used methods: removable dentures, dental bridges and implants. Each technique has different characteristics and characteristics. In which implant and dental bridge are two solutions are preferred by everyone, each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages, so many patients are always hesitant, do not know whether to choose How to choose between these two methods. To make a dental bridge for the loss of a tooth, patients are required to grind 2 real teeth on the side of the tooth loss position as a support.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Benefits of and place implant in one very clear teeth

In the techniques of dental implant, tooth extraction and implant transplantation in a single surgery or Implant Immediate immediately after the extraction of teeth are increasingly applied to the new tooth extraction with new teeth. Best alternative. vietnam dentist prices
Implant immediately after the extraction of teeth is conducted as follows:
The surgeon exposes the root canal, using non-invasive tooth extraction techniques to gently root the tooth without damaging the alveolar bone and gum tissue.
After removing the teeth, Implant and bone if necessary.
In Implant Implants, the alveolar bone requires the ideal condition to be able to place the implant. If the spit is not in accordance with technical expertise, it is very easy to break the bone cavity, and need time to regenerate and implant transplant. Therefore, it is necessary to extract the teeth with a non-traumatic technique, ensuring that the alveolar bone and gum tissue are not damaged.
The benefits of removing implants and implant implants in a very clear appointment are:
Save time: just one surgery to do two things.
Cost savings: bone loss is not compromised when the tooth extraction, so just need to bone less or avoid bone graft for implants implant.
Pain relief, and especially to keep the facial muscles unaffected, keep the natural features, balance of the face due to root implants are replaced soon after the tooth extraction.
Therefore, when your teeth are indicated need to be spit up should visit the specialist to be examined, consulted carefully and if possible should extract and Implant in the same time will save a lot of time, costs and benefits oral health, and appearance. In addition, if you do not have implant conditions immediately after the extraction of teeth should also be discussed with the doctor extracted teeth and Implant dentist on the tooth extraction of the bone cavity to be able to implant transplant later. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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