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The complications and complications in the teeth in Vietnam

The complications and complications in the teeth in Vietnam,  enormous and undeniably, thanks to the method of porcelain dental aesthetics, the black teeth, harsh, scurvy, is the complexity of many people have been deleted. Give up after a few days of treatment, return your confidence, smile and make them more successful in life. And for us, the dentists in the field of cosmetic teeth, perfect smile, luxury on the customer’s lips are always a great motivation for us to contribute, constantly reaching out and Desire to conquer the beautiful beauty more. However, as with other medical interventions, porcelain crowns if misused, or poor technique will have many consequences for the patient, and many of them cannot be reversed. We would like to point out some common complications and complications, and can be said to be a reality of dental practice in Saigon.

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Long pain after porcelain crowns. cấy răng implant

Normally, for single porcelain crowns, such as porcelain crowns for incisors or crowns, the wrapping will be almost painless. In case of aesthetic porcelain crowns, there may be a slight painful feeling for a few days. If you suffer from prolonged pain after porcelain crowns, that is, after a week or more of dental porcelain is still painful, your teeth may have the following problems:

Long-lasting aches after porcelain crowns due to inflammation of the pulp

Signs of myelitis after dental porcelain enamel include prolonged erectile dysfunction, severe fever, headache, eating hot and cold to increase sensitivity. If the sensitivity is continuous, the potential for irreversible myelitis is very high. Meningitis if not detected in time and treated properly will lead to fangs of the jaw. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Causes of inflammation of the marrow after dental porcelain

– Due to excessive toothache: Inexperienced prosthodontists lead to abnormal grinding of the teeth, in the process of grinding on the bone marrow, or grinding too much dental tissue leading to the pulp, bacteria enter the pulp. causing myelitis

– Due to inadequate polishing technique leading to heat generation in the drill, leading to marrow infiltration: Due to the inadequate use of the drill system, poor watering ability, the drilling system is too blunt, The heat generated by the friction between the drum and the tooth tissue causes the pulp to become damaged. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

– Due to improper temporary teeth or temporary teeth: After the grinding, the remaining teeth have lost enamel, only ivory and tooth pulp, if the teeth after grinding are not protected by temporary teeth or teeth. Not good, not enough bacteria from the oral environment will penetrate into the pulp causing inflammation of the pulp. A pricey situation is nowadays to compete for prices in the form of “promotional packages.” Many dental clinics have cut back on temporary teeth, or just make rough temporary composite teeth, resulting in inflammation. The pulp of the dental pulp increases.

Unsuitable Binders: Older binders have a major disadvantage, when freeze-drying will undergo a low PH phase, creating an acid environment that will damage the pulp. The new generation of resin has completely overcome this disadvantage, however, these binders are expensive, and to compete on price, many dental facilities continue to bold the old cement, causing myelitis after fixing the teeth. vietnam dentist prices

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