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Patients often wonder how teeth dental implant

Patients often wonder how teeth dental implant ,  choose the most appropriate technique for them and what the advantages and disadvantages of each method are. The most common question that patients ask when meeting us is “Which solution is best for me, need to choose more or less implant The answer is of course only one for each specific case of each patient.Let’s analyze and evaluate the common characteristics of each method so that you can understand and choose for yourself the best method.Without taking into account the individual characteristics of each individual, the simple reason for the question of why the Implant All On 6 implant solution will be a wise choice and bring more success after treatment is the number of implants. placed.The reason most people tend to

choose techniques with 4 implant pillars rather than 6 implant pillars is because of economic factors, many more implants are placed invisibly often have higher treatment costs. However, if you want to make long-term investments in your oral health and appearance, we recommend that you take some time to think, plan carefully and choose wisely.The principle that the All On 4 technique operates xem phim TVB

is almost the same as the four wheels of a car. If only one of the four wheels has a tire explosion, the whole vehicle will become unsteady and unstable. Obviously, the remaining three implant cylinders will become overloaded and unstable to support the entire upper or lower jaw as originally planned. In the end, the overload of force takes place like this will lead to the failure of the remaining Saigon Vietnam dental implants

implants.With implant technique, your chewing load is distributed on more implant posts. In the case even if you have a certain implant that fails after placing it, the rest of the structure can still function well. To determine if you are fit for this Implant All On 6 implantation technique, you will need to schedule an appointment and through an oral health checkup with one of our dental surgeons. vietnam dentist prices

Our experts give advice to help you choose the right method when carefully calculated, then you are the one to consider and make the final decision.The quality of bone mass is different in each individual, individual case. It is a key factor to determine the outcome of future treatment, and the success rate of implant integration in the jaw bone. Although 6 implant cylinders are more stable than 4 trồng răng implant

cylinders, sufficient bone mass is a required factor for effective support for your implant posts. Poor bone mass is often very common in patients who have lost their teeth for a long time.There are many problems that cấy ghép implant



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