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Signs that you are about to have a tooth in Vietnam

Signs that you are about to have a tooth in Vietnam,  that not only makes you feel sore but also causes bad breath, even loss of teeth. Therefore, right from the beginning of the appearance, you should take good care of the teeth and to the dentist to treat thoroughly. Below are indications that you are going to suffer from cavities that cannot be missed. Signs of tooth decay tooth decay if not treated in time will cause many other consequences, affect the overall health and cause many other diseases. So do not ignore these signs if you do not want to get deeper and deeper. Dental crowns with Simplified 3D technology at I-DENT Dental At present, with the application of Simplant 3D implant technology, the process of restoration of lost teeth, including the number 7 molars become easy, fast and achieve high results.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Signs that you are about to have a tooth

breath is smelly vietnam dentist prices

Food attaches to the surface of the tooth and forms plaque. These plaques will get thicker if they are not cleaned, causing the bacteria to grow and turn into foul odors when acids are present in saliva and food is exposed daily. It causes bad breath, which can lead to tooth decay.

Appearing white spots on the teeth

Bacteria attacking the oral cavity will lose the minerals contained in it and also the calcium in the enamel. Teeth not enough calcium will appear white opaque spots, is the expression of early teeth.

Appears black spots on the tooth surface

Black dots on the surface of the teeth are also indicative of tooth decay in the early stages. Most people see but ignore this sign; they are unaware that this is the time when the process of tooth decay begins with the bacteria losing minerals, especially calcium in the enamel, leading to the release. Show of black dots.

Appears tiny holes on the teeth

This is where bacteria start to attack the enamel, leaving tiny holes in the teeth, which are often difficult to see. It is only seen when you go for dental exam.

Toothache when eating

Once tooth decay attacks the tooth enamel, the tooth enamel will weaken and you will feel pain, stiffness when eating. Especially when eating too cold or too hot. Initially, severe pain only lasts for a few moments and is uncomfortable for a few seconds. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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