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Top 4 Ways teeth are beautiful today teeth in Vietnam

Top 4 Ways teeth are beautiful today teeth in Vietnam,  light to occupy up to 70% of the beauty needs in Vietnam today, a beautiful teeth to meet 6 criteria such as teeth, teeth, gums, teeth … most effective today. Before learning how to make beautiful teeth, we need to understand the standard of a beautiful tooth. The teeth grow properly and position on the jaw Teeth well, close together The standard size of teeth compared to the jaw and face Between two teeth in the middle of the face, dividing the face into two halves symmetrical Little or no chewing gum when laughing The teeth are naturally white and shiny. Length of treatment the process of implant transplant lasts a long time and depends very much on the condition of the oral health of the customer. In addition, oral examination every 6 months is also necessary to ensure that the bone healing and healing process of the implant is normal and no signs of excretion.

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Top 4 Ways teeth are beautiful today EFFICIENCY

Beautiful teeth with welding method Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Apply for small defects of teeth such as thinning, glazing, light enamel

Composite liquid filling material, similar in color to real teeth, is applied to defective tooth tissue and then formed and frozen by laser.

The teeth are beautiful in this way for quick results, only after 60 minutes, not invasive dental tissue that costs cheap.

The durability is not high, the color of the composite is white but not natural. vietnam dentist prices

Brush teeth well with braces Applicable cases All teeth, spleen, mummy, hoof at all levels Technical implementation:

Tooth braces are beautiful methods based on the traction of orthodontic appliances to move the teeth to a more aesthetic location, the standard bite.

Permanent effect Non-invasive dental tissue Costly and time consuming (usually 1.5 – 2 years or more)

Causing inconvenience when eating chewing and losing confidence in communication during braces

Must wear a lifelong maintenance function if you want to be permanently effective nha khoa ident

Porcelain toothpaste for optimal dental health Applicable cases: The teeth are broken, wear enamel Tooth, scream, mildly Post-treatment pathology

Teeth infected with antibiotics Technical implementation: Your doctor will perform a tooth-grinding treatment to make a tooth that is smaller in size than your real teeth. Grinding operations also require the doctor to have a good level of expertise, limiting errors, affecting the process of tooth re-teeth. When the grinding process is complete, the dentist will take the impression of the tooth and send it to Labo, creating a porcelain tooth that resembles a real tooth and attaches it to the tooth.

This is the most beautiful method of teeth remedies nowadays because it brings aesthetics, does not spend much time, cost and at the same time overcome most defects of the teeth after only one implementation. nha khoa trồng răng implant

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