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Cause unexpected cause tooth sensitivity teeth in Vietnam

Cause unexpected cause tooth sensitivity teeth in Vietnam,  the ages of 20 and 50 exhibits sensitive teeth, according to the World Dental Organization. Few know that daily habits can lead to sensitive or sensitive teeth. If not treated promptly, this discomfort not only affects oral health but also significantly reduces the quality of life. Use foods that are high in acid The primary cause of tooth sensitivity is the habit of consuming more acidic foods, which are commonly found in soda, soft drinks, tooth enamel. When the enamel is eroded, the stimulation such as cold, hot, sour, sweet while eating will cause ivory movement in the diverticulitis conduction leads. However, , Ambassador of Vietnamese Cuisine, we do not easily give up eating habits daily. Therefore, the simple way to deal with the sensitivity of the teeth is. Get more effective and lasting dental care.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cause unexpected cause tooth sensitivity teeth

In addition to food, grinding regularly also makes the hardest material in the body is tooth enamel damage, making teeth sensitive.

Bleaching the wrong teeth Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Peoxide is found in some toothpastes that deliver surprisingly bright white effects, but for people with sensitive teeth, this is a double-edged sword that causes a sensation. Gingival recession due to gum tissue and loss of surface protection are two of the most common health risks to those who apply the accelerated bleaching method, not through the dentist’s advice.

Abuse of mouthwash and brushing too much

Many people believe that cutting acidic foods is enough but overusing mouthwashes without knowing that the amount of acid contained in the solution is sufficient to cause tooth erosion. In addition, the misconception that brushing the stronger the clean also makes many people cry out because accidentally tooth enamel is hurt, resulting in tooth loss and gingival exudate, “inviting” feeling of sensitivity after.

There are many ways to push back the feeling of sensitivity, in which, choosing the right sized toothbrush is the top criteria. The soft, round and elastic hairs are both good for cleaning and protecting sensitive teeth more effectively.

Proper cleaning, twice a day, 2-3 minutes each time will bring optimal results in dental care; Brushing gently to avoid enamel erosion; Limit intake of sweets, drink plenty of carbonated water, sour foods; Periodical dental check every 6 months. If you have grinding teeth, wear protective gums to prevent tooth erosion.

Use fluoride mouth rinses, visit the dentist for advice and treatment in time, is also a way to cure tooth sensitivity.

In addition, the use of special toothpaste for combating decontamination with Strontium Acetate or Potassium Nitrate also becomes a reliable choice for many people of different ages in the fight against carnality toothless teeth. vietnam dentist prices

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